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The Beginnings regularly offers courses in the basic principles of raw food. Two types of courses are available – THE RAW FOOD MASTERCLASS and NATURAL CHOCOLATE AND THE BASICS OF SIN-FREE CONFECTIONARY

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The Beginnings regularly presents courses in the basics of raw food. Our basic course consists of 2.5 to 3 hours during which 2 raw food soups, 2 main courses and 1 cake or dessert are created. In addition, a green cocktail is also made.

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What is raw eating masterclass?

The Beginnings regularly presents courses in the basics of raw eating. Our basic course takes 2.5-3 hours, during which we prepare 2 raw food soups, 2 main dishes and 1 cake or a desert; we also prepare a green shake.

Here at the healthy-eating restaurant The Beginnings we call deserts “healthy sins”. It is no longer a sin to eat a cake, as we mix in there only the best ingredients.

What happens during a raw food master class?

Our training groups have no more than 6 to 8 participants; therefore, we have a lot of time for questions and practical food-preparation training. Raw food diet is a teaching of a healthy eating. During the courses you will definitely learn how to prepare your food in a healthy manner and, last but not least, how to prepare tasty and fast meals. You can forget about long hours cooking on a stove and, possibly, you will forget about your stove at all!

During the raw food courses you will:

  • learn about kitchen appliances necessary for a raw food diet and their possible,
  • learn several raw food recipes,
  • learn the main raw food diet principles which will allow you to continuelearning new recipes,
  •  learn how to prepare raw dishes by yourself.


The chocolate making course is approx. 2 to 2.5 hours long. During this course you will find out about the products used in the making of natural chocolate. You will learn to make a natural chocolate drink, various kinds of chocolates, superfood chocolate and chocolate truffles.

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